Gwangju Yonghwa Sunwon

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It is told that the temple was built on Koryo Dynasty.
Afterwards , the temple was owned in private.
The owner of the temple sites donated the land on September 1977 and Yonghwa-sa established and opened Bonggok sunwon on 2001.
The renewal and renovation began on 2008 and newly opened Gwangju Yonghwa Sunwon on November 16 of 2010.

※ Currently , Son Meditation centers for Buddhist monks and Laypersons are being operated separately.

Address: (Bonggol-gil 228) 11-9 Moonhyung-ri, Opo-eup, Gwangju-city, Gyunggi-do

Tel: (031)765-7094 Fax: (031)766-0261

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The Office principally handles registration for the various rituals, prayers, meditation halls, and retreats.
You can apply for indeung(individual candle) on monthly basis and yeondeung(lotus lantern) on yearly basis inside of the main hall.
The office also contains a religious counseling room headed by individual sunims or Buddhist monks also on a rotational basis.