Inje Yonghwa Sunwon

1) April 21 , 1997 : The Construcuion of Inje Yonghwa Sunwon Began
2) April 26 , 2000 : The Construction was completed
3) May 18 , 2000 : The monks’s and laywomen’s son meditation halls was opened from summer retreat season

The Main Office
The Main Office mainly handles requests for prayers for specific blessings, guidance rituals, and prayer retreat registration.
A guidance ritual or “chon-do-jae” is a ceremony, officiated by a Buddhist monk, for guiding the spirit of a deceased relative, friend or acquaintance to a favorable rebirth.

Registration for Meditation and Prayer Retreats:
Like its parent monastery, Inchon Yonghwa Sunwon, Inje Yonghwa Sunwon conducts meditation and prayer retreats in spring, summer, autumn, and winter.
In order to be eligible to participate here, you must have completed a summer or winter retreat at Inchon Yonghwa Sunwon.

From Inje tollgate
1) Turn left toward Inje, Seolak Mountain National Park (Jeombong Mountain Region) at Inje IC intersection and straight for 20.3 km
2) Turn right 4 o’clock direction toward Seolak Mountain National Park (Jeombong Mountain Region) , Hangye-ryung, Gwidun-ri and straight for 3.7km
3) Turn right and straight for 498 m
4) Turn left and straight for 283 m
5) Arrive at Inje Yonghwa Sunwon

1) Address: 175 Hachu-ri, Inje-eup, Inje-gun, Gwangwon-do
2) Tel : (033)462-6061
3) Fax : (033)462-2287