Yonghwa Daycare Center

Upright mind and healthy body from son meditation!
Integrated education for 21st Century

Children are our future.
Our Daycare Center programs aspire to help realize our fondest dreams for the world of the future.
We hope to cultivate the Buddha-mind of wisdom and compassion in our children.
We work to awaken an aspiration in them to become humane, ethical, and pure-hearted; to restore the integrity of our national character; to build a just and peaceful society; to struggle for and contribute to world peace; and, ultimately, to end suffering and bring enlightenment to all of the sentient beings in all of the dharma-realms.
It is in order to raise a generation of such virtuous, compassionate, and resourceful human beings that these children’s programs have been created.

Our Daycare center provides cutting-edge educational and training programs.
Furthermore, we are always working to improve our methods and resources.

Finally, we teach our instructors not only to love the children and teach them well, but to carry themselves as exemplars and role models of Mahayana Buddhist wisdom and compassion.
Traditional Games & Traditional Etiquette

Having fun with traditional games such as the “Play of the 4 Elements” (sa-mul-no-ri)

1) Lessons in the tea ceremony and other cultural activities
2) Lessons in traditional etiquette and customs
3) Learning to draw inspiration from national traditions
4)Development of cultural self-respect and responsibility