Yonghwa Sunwon is a place for Son meditation practice.

The followers of Yonghwa Sunwon practice Son meditation.

In this tradition, each practitioner meditates upon a single hwadu or intense question which has been received from an enlightened Son master.

In meditating on this hwadu, the practitioner does not seek an intellectual or philosophical answer of any kind.

The purpose of Son meditation is to attain enlightenment, that is a direct, indescribable, live experience of the truth of one’s own existence.

Thus, the spiritual practice of Yonghwa Sunwon is called “living phrase Son meditation.”

Yonghwa Sunwon was founded by Son Master Jeonkang.

Near the beginning of the 20th century, Son Master Jeonkang attained enlightenment at the age of 23.

Afterward, he engaged in “Dharma contention,” a testing of the depth of one’s spiritual attainment, with the six great Son teachers of his time.

These teachers were Son Masters Hyebong, Hyewol, Yongsong, Hanam, Bowol, and Mankong.

All six masters bestowed inka or public acknowledgement of the authenticity of his enlightenment.

At the age of 25, Son Master Jeonkang was named the official Dharma heir to Son Master Mankong, the prestigious Son teacher of his era.

Son Master Jeonkang established Yonghwa Sunwon in 1963.

After teaching many practitioners, he handed his Dharma seat to his spiritual heir, Son Master Songdam, and passed away in 1975.

Son Master Songdam continues to lead Yonghwa Sunwon. All of the activities of Yonghwa Sunwon are designed to support and enhance the spiritual cultivation of its sunims (Buddhist monks) and laypersons. These activities center around the Dharma Assemblies or congregations held for both monastic and lay followers. Furthermore, the Laywomen’s Son Meditation Center and Laypersons’ Son Meditation Center have been established to support the spiritual cultivation of veteran practitioners and offer the teaching of Son meditation practice to newcomers. Looking toward the future, Yonghwa Sunwon provides additional services through its Daycare center ,Preschool Program, Student Council, Young Adult Program, Cultural Center, and this website. In beginning Son practice, it is of the utmost importance to choose an appropriate teacher. In Korea there are many Son teachers and centers, and making a choice from among them can be confusing. We believe we offer an authentic refuge and learning center for Son practitioners.